money back guarantees

I work for a local chain in the pacific northwest. We are considering offering our customers a money back guarantee on the pizza. Do you know chains or work for chains which offer a money back guarantee? What has their rate of return been?
Any info would be great,

Big Dave swears by his money bakc guarantee. He even went so far, I believe, to offer to replace a competitor’s pzza if someone wanted to try it out and found it inferior. I suspect he has a confidence excess and was very bold in toaking over his marketplace. It worked for him really well.

I don’t advertize it, but we certainly have a general no questions policy for replacing or refinding the first, probably the second time. third we ask for uneaten food back to see what we goofed up.

sure, we got some moochers early on, but most took it as a sign that we are confident in our food and committed to their satisfaction.