Money counter

I have been having a trend lately of managers not counting money correctly. I have tossed around the idea of getting a cash and coin counter. Does anyone have any recommendations on what brands to buy or stay away from?

I have a bill counter I will sell for $50 plus shipping. Canada has gone to plastic money and this one doesn’t work for plastic but is fine with paper.

The Jetscan One Pocket is pretty good.

Theres two issues here:

  1. I used coin sorter/counters in my stores, purchased from ebay - similar but not exactly the same as this one:

Saved my managers loads of time cashout out drivers and cashing out at the end of the night!! In my opinion a great help.

Re notes - I always counted had by hand, unless you have a note counter that distinguishes the different types of notes. If your managers aren’t doing it properly chances are they won’t sort the notes and will miscalculate the total value.

  1. Re the ‘trend not to count properly’ I’d deal with the ‘trend’ - make them responsible for shortages.


I’ve been known to remind folks that if they’re not willing to do the job as required, I could free up the rest of their life to go look for another one.

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