Monitoring device in owned vehicle

Would you put a vehicle driving behavior device in your owned vehicle and tell the drivers about it?

Here, we have an option for an insurance provided device - the info gets sent to insurance about how fast you drive, sudden stops and starts.

I know I have one in my personal vehicle, but I don’t think I drive safely because I have it. I think I have it (voluntarily) because I drive safely.

I’ve been looking at these devices for my fleet. But they are pretty pricey. If my insurance company offered to buy them for me so I could better monitor my driver’s I’d do it in a heart beat. But I would tell my drivers.

You say the info gets sent to the insurance company, do you also get the info. I would be afraid the insurance company would jack my rates up due to bad driving and I wouldn’t have an opportunity to correct the problem behavior. Just telling someone the vehicle has the device will not change behavior. There needs to be accountability and responsibility attached to change it.

I am not sure if Progressive offers it commercially. I would think the dongles are like $100 each, but not sure.

I have it on my personal vehicle through insurance and I get to see the statistics via a web page on the internet.

We installed a GPS monitoring device in all 4 of our owned vehicles after getting very poor gas mileage and lots of complaints about reckless driving. The device runs off of 2 AAA batteries and plugs into a USB port, download the data and now you exactly where your car has been, how fast it was driven, so on and so forth. You can even play it back like a movie watching the car drive over a map.

We informed the drivers, added page to our handbook, and still had to terminate an employee for reckless driving. But the drivers are 10 times more courteous when they drive now and we are getting about 5 miles to the gallon better.

Can you provide a link or name of the company you bought these devices from?


What would you do if you discovered that drivers has made a 5 minute stop at a convenience store, a fast food drive thru after making a delivery?

Is a 5 minute stop permissible at all when on the clock and deliveries will not be late due to the stop?

Since you can now know wherever the vehicle has been, what kinds of (if any) stops would be permissible? Is this policy written so drivers are aware of it? Should it be?

greg, sure, why not.

if there is no pizza waiting, AND the driver has no other duties @ the shop, sure why not.