Monster Magnets

We are thinking of sending out ~5K of these magnets and were hoping for some feedback from those who have used them before.

We do not have the funds to send out custom magnets and are considering using their “generic” design with our text in black.

Also, we are trying to decide what type of coupon to utilize, whether it be x dollars off any order, x % off any order, or to be more specific and use something like Free Large Pizza with the purchase of one at regular price.

We have been less than thrilled with some of our marketing endeavours so far, and really need something with a strong ROI.

Thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated.

Try hooking up with royster. He has some great promo ideas and items. Even my delivery contractor has ordered his magnets.

I got some credit card protectors from him and my customers are promoting me everywhere they use their card.


I would love to help you out with magnets and/or other promotional items…

Cheers, Royce

Sorry royster, don’t mean to step on your toes, just have never used your product. I would reccomend checking out and see how their magnet mailers compare to monster magnet. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could suddenly afford custom ones. You can also order some extras to use as doorhangers. They can diecut a hole on the bottom to fit on a door knob.