Montague Pizza Ovens

Hey there…I was wondering if anyone is using Montague pizza ovens? How do they compare to the other ovens on the market?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jim:
I have no clients using those ovens but I do know that company has an fine reputation.
George Mills

I have one at my place. Love it. Mine is an older unit. When I bought it the safety was gone, so I had it completely refurbished onsite. Heats up fast, and cheap to run. I have a Montague Convection oven as well, and that’s great also.

Thanks guys… I ran across a couple and had never heard of them.

I just finished a week working with a pair of them and they worked great…about 2.5-hours to heat up from “off” to 600F.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you everyone for the help. These are in a pizza shop for sale one and a half hours away. After driving it once to go see the place, I have determined it could be quite the drive six days a week.