monthly sales trends

Last question and I will give you guys a break for a while, Promise!
In my last business the photo business sales were very seasonal. we did the majority of our business during summer months and also during the month of dec to mid jan. this 4 and a half month period made up 60% of total sales. Being new to the pizza biz are thier monthly or seasonal trends? Just trying to see what I have to look foward to or prepare for.

For me I am almost constant all year long within 6% month to month

It really varies with the type of operation your running, your area, the type of customers that frequent your establishment… Such as we take a hit on our buffet in the winter, since a majority of the buffet customers are construction workers. When everything is frozen they don’t goto work, and when they don’t goto work they dont come to eat pizza :slight_smile:

Our delivery is slower during the summer but our lunch buffet business is much much better. I contribute delivery being slow, to everyone going on vacation, owning lakehouses on the nearby lakes (its a big thing in this area, and we also have alot of wealthy people here). But anyways, it really just varies with your location.