More Cheese Talk

Anyone ever try and portion chz with plastic sandwich type bags instead of pre portioning in cups?

Any thoughts on the pros or cons of this?

Cheese is going to skyrocket and I need to think of a way to combat the costs (oh yeah and of course free throwing is a no no) :lol:


seems like it would be labor intensive. why not train your crew to use cups and portion the right way, train your managers to be vigilant about it. when I was at Pizza hut the cooks either portioned cheese and toppings right or they got fired.

I have used bags to portion. Huge pain and it is hard to tell them apart and in a rush they WILL get mixed up! I stopped bagging and went to a cup on the make line that we used. In the new store we will have a cup on the line as well!

Trying to ‘economize’ using a disposable bag seems counter-intuitive to me. It could be done weaily enough, and the storage on make line would be simple, the the few pennies a bag would eat some of yor savings right up from each pie.