More GrubHub Issues

So I’ve voiced my opinion on GrubHub a few times in this forum. I just ran into another issue. I reconcile my accounts monthly. When I was doing last month I noticed that one of my GrubHub deposits had a $17.31 refund on it. When I called to inquire about the refund the gentleman looked into the notes and said that customer complained about not getting a sauce for their tender combo, not getting a sauce with there mozz sticks and not getting another side of sauce that they ordered. The customer did this on GrubHub’s automated website and because the website can’t differentiate the difference between just the sauce and the item it refunded the total price of the two items and the extra side of sauce to the customer. GrubHub no longer calls you to ask about any issues customers have and how you would like to handle it. They automatically issue refunds without calling the restaurant. Now the GrubHub representative realized this was not fair and credited me back the refund. I just wonder how many other restaurants this is happening to and how many customers know about this glitch in their system and are taking advantage of it.

If you’ve followed my other posts on GrubHub, I’m down to about 9-15 orders per week compared to around 30 from the same week last year and sales have never dropped only increased!

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I thought you dumped all that 3rd party garbage. :slightly_smiling_face:

So youre going to have to keep track of any discrepancies then call them, ask them to explain then before you know it youve been on the phone 45 mins.
I asked GrubHub to remove themselves off my google page, they did after a week. I thought…issue solved!.. Then last week (Friday night) a guy walks in and orders a bunch of food and hands my a Grubhub logoed debit card. Hes a Grubhub driver. I treated it just like any other person wanting an order. This week a bunch more Grubhub drivers came in and order food- im unsure how to treat it. I know the customer has no idea how this works. (Side story… we close every February school vacation. While im in Florida a guy gives us a 1 star yelp review bc he placed an order through Grubhub, they call him back a minute later and inform him were are closed he explained this in his Yelp review. He vows to NEVER order from us again. He also swears to tell everyone he knows to never order from us. He wants to slit our throats bc he was minorly inconvenienced. I explain Grubhub put us on their platform without my knowledge. He insinuated I was a liar…I just decided to move on with my life.) Im certain other idiots will side with the guy who posted that review.
Im so sick of having more and more and more to keep track of and all these things that are supposed to make things easier just complicate things. From the credit card fees to third party delivery platforms and everything in between

I currently have it set that I’m only showing up to customers on the outer skirts of my delivery area until we get back to normal and I can market to the area myself.

The only way this will stop is if we band together and all agree not to be listed on these sites. Without us there is no them. Join me in this fight let’s start a movement and get every pizzeria in the nation on board!

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I’ll never use these places. As a customer or implementing into my business. Nothing seems positive at all

you can count me in b/c I never did it from day one…they lost me at 30%. The only person I work for is myself and at those numbers you are employees. Worst part is they keep all the data and who the hell knows what they are doing or will do with it. Fear of missing out is making them billions

What do you guys do if they (Grubhub drivers) walk in and order food? Thats the situation im in

Are they charging you any commission?

I dont get charged anything, They just pay for the order normal. They use a Grubhub company credit card to pay.

That must be new. I haven’t heard anything about that. This is how they must be able to add the restaurants that don’t want to partner with them. I bet they are charging the customer a $5-$8 surcharge instead of a delivery charge. What is the name of your place and where is it located?

I would try a few different things.

  1. Call them and ask them politely to be removed from their platform. Mention a trademark infringement for using your name. Let them know that you will deny all orders from their drivers if they do not remove you from their platform (nicely and politely).

  2. Deny GrubHub credit form of payment (not sure if this is legal if there is a Visa or MasterCard logo on the card.

  3. Just deny them service completely. Do not give any reason why just say I’m sorry but I’m denying you service, please leave.

Let me know how it works out if you try any of these. I’m really curious how they will handle it. Don’t worry about the Yelp review. People that read reviews these days are trained to weed out the illegitimate ones.

I worry more about the overall score, than one review.

I denied them service

Vintage Pizza manchester NH.
Ill have to call them again. Some of the drivers call the order in. So it would be difficult to screen for them

I was using grubhub, slice and relutantly Doordash. I was using them against themselves to gain me new customers basically as I would put a flyer on each pizza box directing the customer to my own order site and offer them free delivery. It worked. After doing that for 2 years, I have gotten rid of all of them except Slice. It did help build my customer base and they are ordering from me directly. I got rid of doordash pretty quick as most of their drivers looked like they just got off of living on the streets and their customer service sucked (and I was never officially on their site but would take the credit card payment from them for the full price). Grubhub got too expensive and I was getting less and less orders from them- went from $1k+ a week when we started to maybe 5-6 orders a week. I just repeatedly had to call them, double check and make sure i was off their sites. So far they have kept me off.

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You have either raised your prices recently or they are undercutting your prices on GrubHub. I checked your pizzas, subs and appetizers and they are all cheaper on the GrubHub site. They are also offer things like 3 topping pizzas for a certain price and $3.00 to add extra cheese on your Large. They are adding a 15% service fee and a 20% tip to each order automatically. Definitely call sooner than later and now I would demand that they take any likes of your business of their platform. I hate inconsistency! Your reviews are great and I saw the one you were talking about.

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I use both GrubHub and DoorDash. Doordash works VERY well, and I am getting 125+ more orders a WEEK. I pay 19.5% all in without any promotions. GrubHub has errors, bad billing, refunding a total order for the omission of a INCLUDE side sauce. I have to stay on top of GH, DoorDash, not so much.

I will close permanently, i don’t wanna share any percent with greedy, irresponsible 3rd party companies, and don’t wanna work with their reckless drivers. Food is going late, cold, or missing. then customers complaining.+ they cutting my money without calling me. No more walking customers. with 3rd parties the beginning is good, they track your own page traffic! if it’s you have more traffic they start stealing your own customers. I am a web designer too, they create a page for you, start working with google, and paying for ads less than me but they are on the first page first three websites. they have stupid discounts. i don’t wanna keep fight, no more. Their purpose is, kill small restaurants, for big guys. Big fish eat little fish.Good luck.

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I had to take out a Google Ad just so I can show up before them. I’m not sure if you were just hypothetically suggesting that you will close or if you are planning to close. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with in getting rid of GrubHub without losing business.