More GrubHub Issues

we haven’t had any in months since we got off their site (put us on without asking) but when any delivery service (we are not affiliated with any) would send in people we would simply tell them we don’t work with their service.

Does anyone here run their own delivery/pickup online ordering service as a replacement for GrubHub or DoorDash? I’m curious if running one is worth the cost (how much do you pay or do you have your own system?).

I’ve always offered delivery through hired employees. My POS company offers their own online ordering that’s integrated with their system. I believe I pay $89 or $99 per month flat rate. There are plenty of companies that would be able to send you online orders.

I worked a few years ago with a start up local competitor to DD and GH. They are struggling, the advertising costs were to much to bear, their ordering system was inadequate and still is behind the big guys. I tried to get tehm to work as an overflow to my in-house drivers, but they want $12.50 an order…

GrubHub is getting acquired.

We had a local place here but they got smart and sold to bitesquad for a million dollars because they knew ubereats, grubhub, doordash, etc. were on their way to my market. We only do bitesquad, doordash, and slice now. Monthly bitesquad is down from $7000 high to under $2000, doordash around $10k a month.