More Oven Talk

I think I have decided to go with a new oven, being that it is the heart of the operation. I also plan to buy new as far as the mixer is concerned as well.

I would like some opinions, what you would buy in my situation. I have decided on Blodgett, just for service and parts availability in my area. What Gas model do I choose?  Remember I'm looking at a small volume, pick up resturant.......please dont ask me how many pies I plan to make a night, I really have no clue....maybe someone could help me with that for my business plan. I plan to offer new york pizza, and grinders. Sorry for all the questions.......I wish I would have had this resource in other businesses I have invested in.

P.S. Curently looking at the 1048 one deck and legs for $6074.00 as I was told by a local pizza expert I needed a deck with 120,000 to make my operation effecient…but a rep from Blodgett told me that his model 961P would do me just fine, it’s a single deck and 50,000 BTU at $4700. I just need to find someway to get through the clutter, I guess need to get some idea of the level of business I will have for the first year. Weegie

get the 1060…hopefully you will need the bigger oven on a Friday or eventually you will need it

It sounds as if you are currently in the same boat that I was when I opened my doors back in June. I bought a bakers pride 301 single deck. Now 8 months later, I am scrounging around trying to find a second oven that will stack with the first. The moral of the story is if you can at all afford two ovens, by all means buy them. You can always shut the second one off if you don’t need the capacity. As far as btus go, the busier you get, the slower your oven will become if you opt with one that only has 50,000 btus.

This is what I have ordered. Ask me in a couple of weeks and I can tell you how I like it. From everything that I have read and heard, it should be perfect. I got the electric model though, not gas. … s/piz6.php


I see the 1060 it is 13’ wider, and about $600 more then the 1048…I guess that additional width would come in handy…and a double is $13,500. I guess I could just hold off on the double, and stack another one on top in 6 months if needed…I would assume they make some sort of stacking hardware.

Well then thats it…I guess I will need the extra 70,000 BTU , makes you wonder why they even make a 50,000 BTU Pizza Spec oven?

Okay so picture yourself on a busy friday night. The 1048 single can hold 6 14" pizzas. So that means in the middle of your rush you can cook 6 pizzas appx. every 12 minutes. (I added a couple of minutes for lack of experience using deck) So that is 30 pizzas during your busy hour. If you have a grinder or two the number goes down.

If I were getting a 1048 I would get a double stack from the get go. What if you get a big order for 24 pizzas? You can get the better deal now if you get a double stack. We started with something comparable to the 1048 double and there are many of Fridays now we are waiting on the oven. Nothing worse than having the business and no way to cook them.

We bought a bigger one for our new store and it sure is nice when we get the big orders. Heck just even the space on regular mon-saturdays.


Thanks Everyone,

Its seems like like you can never have enough oven space.