More Than 20 Specialty Pizzas

Anyone offering more than 20 specialty pizzas? I currently have 9 and am thing of adding 11 more and making specialty pizza our specialty. I am worried that 20 might be to many for the cooks to handle. I think after time 20 won’t be to hard. If you have 20 or more, let me know how it is going. a chain in Canada has over 30…RCS…

we had nearly 20, but keep on mind the most popular pie is pepperoni & you will derive over 40-60% of pie sales from that one item only…

its tough to keep in mind what the customer wants vrs what we want…I struggle w/that constantly

we have over 50 specialty pizzas at our shop. you can check them out at we don’t have any trouble keeping that many. about 15% of our pizzas sold are specialties. we keep a cheat sheet at the pizza makeline for the pizza-makers., so it really isn’t any trouble. every couple of weeks we feature one of our specialties with in store posters and direct mail postcards. this helps build awareness of our many pies.


Excellent, Nice web site by the way. I thought I was the only one crazy enough to have that many specialty & Gourmet Pizzas. We currently have 45 listed on our menu, but we actually have 53. We missed eight of them when we printed our new menus. We also offer over 45 different toppings. Our specialty pizzas account for 70-75% of our total sales.
But that is the market we were going for when we opened about a year and a half ago. We have a POS system, so it prints everything to the makeline, but still have some mismakes because people just can’t read!


We’ve had 20 for 15 years with no problem.

We have almost 30. We created an excel spreadsheet with the toppings listed in the order of placement, and it works as a good guide while training the pizza makers. You just want to watch quick-spoiling or high prep toppings, since the number you sell of each one will most likely not be that high, but people enjoy having the choices.