more walk in help needed

We are still figuring out what kind of walk in to buy.

What does remote refrigeration mean?

We are going to have an outdoor walk in cooler and freezer.



Remote would only really be important if it was indoors. All remote means is that the condenser coil, and condenser fan are placed outdoors with line extensions. This keeps your walk in from heating up your building. Since yours will be outdoors anyway the point is mute, but make sure you get a box that is rated for outdoor use. I have heard great things about norlake but I have never owned one.

That is kinda what I thought remote meant. I got a bid today and it said remote refrigeration on it. I was confused… and of course it is too late to call and ask what it means. Thought maybe I was missing something. I’ll find out tomorrow. Til then making a mental note next time to buy a building with walk ins ready to go. We are running out of time, and patience. Oh yeah and money. LOL

Thanks for your insight.