Moretti Forni disaster

To anyone that may be considering an electric Moretti Forni:

RUN! I can save you a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. I purchased a brand new, S 125 E. After reading so may glowing testimonials regarding its superior performance, unlimited settings(i.e. top and bottom -front and back controls) continuous baking potential I decided to buy. What a disaster. By the time you place your 7th or 8th pizza in the chamber? The bottoms are white and the pizza will need to be in the oven for 10 minutes, at least. Obviously, at that point the cheese is breaking and it’s a disaster. This Oven has a terrible recovery- Almost nonexistent. In addition to that the website shows that the 125 model will hold 6-16 inch pizzas. That, is also a lie, it’s factually incorrect. Here’s another shocker, I’ve been in contact with my dealer and the factory regarding these issues and I’m just now learning that they claim, what is advertised on their website, as a “full one year warranty” only covers parts! Maybe they don’t understand the word “full” but I believe that most of us would think that’s referring to parts and labor. This company is an absolute scam. Who would really buy a brand new product and expect that you’re just going to receive random parts from Italy in the hopes that your local electrician can install them and make your oven function properly?! All I can say is that I hope anyone considering this oven reads this! And, just in case anyone finds this hard to believe, I’m more than happy to provide photos and videos of this oven malfunctioning. All the best.

Hey DaveD thanks for sharing your experience with this oven nothing irks me more than when the bottom of my pies don’t cook after repeated use and I have rotated through the oven correctly. I looked at these ovens and was showing them to my boss because of the great reviews they have. I’m going to look more closely into this. I would love to see those pictures also. Thanks


I would avoid at all cost! Essentially, the Moretti oven is not a strong oven. Likely fine for low dough weights, Neapolitan etc., but for NYStyle and others-it’s a no go.

I use 17oz for a 16” pizza. After loading 4 pizza at a time, the oven is ice cold after 2 rounds. The factory’s answer is to “raise the temp!” Obviously, that’s not correct. In summary, the oven has extremely, extremely poor recovery. I have my oven listed for sale and intend to purchase a couple traditional Gas deck ovens.

Which gas decks are you looking at?