Most basic pizza set up for a small building?

Hello all, first time here, this forum has been a great resource in my research. I’m new to pizza making, but not new to food service/business ownership. I’m about to add a small pizza joint outside of my bar. I mean small. The absolute minimal I can do. Similar to maybe a food truck or trailer, but it’s just a small stationary building. Can you guys help me figure out the bare basics? I think my research has proven that a gas stove is the most efficient for my type of business. it’s quick in and out pizza by the slice mostly (yes full pizzas also) but pretty much grab and go in a busy office district.

Can you tell me the basic equipment I should keep an eye out for? I’m a few months out on getting started, still in the preliminary stage of my set up. I believe I’ll have to start with pre-made frozen dough. Suggestions on that aspect would be greatly appreciated also.


Small conveyor oven is way I would go. Roller, small prep table, small oven and good to go. Casey’s style. Lol.

Maybe look at some similar concepts and see what they need & use and tweak from there.
Also, look at some mobile pizza concepts and do the same- layout, needs, etc and +/- what may/may not be relevant.

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George mills

Thanks! Do you have a brand/example to recommend? Are they gas or electric?

Take a look at what Sam’s Club has for a pizza setup in their deli

I’ll also add that a friend’s brother just set a small slice joint up in WA state- his only ovens are basically slice ovens; He has 4. Each one can cook 2-4 18" pies at a time so…

What’s your plan for “holding” the pizzas/slices waiting to be sold? What’s your cooler & freezer sizes? How often can you get product delivered? Do you have ample power available? (Pun intended) :slight_smile:

Hello there, that was the thing i have been looking for in this forum and actually the reason i registered. I have checked Sam’s Club and their setups seem fine. However, I will keep searching for the best beginning. Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback! I’m looking into ovens…
I found a used Blodgett 1820 and was wondering if that’s a good oven to consider for getting pizzas out fast.

A heat lamp?? Not sure lol. I’m not quite at the freezer stage question yet. And I hope to have a main power source rather than a generator.

I’ll look at these! Do you have a picture of what he uses? Even a google image would help :slight_smile:

Can someone tell me a good brand/model to look for? thanks

I use a Bakers Pride BK18
Think his are a bit bigger, though mine will take an 18" pie.
Google Strait Slice in Port Angeles, WA.
He’s also on FB and that’s where I saw them.

Thank you!

I used a Baker’s Pride P44S for 5 years and had good success with it. Used it for 16” pizzas of which 90% were by the slice.