Most important marketing from top to bottom.

What would you say is the 3 MOST important marketing ideas that a pizzeria must do for maximum growth???

Frequency in marketing
Consistency in providing the message of quality and
Evaluation of what works and doesn’t work.

  1. dazzle your customers - please them, and provide more than expected so they become repeaters and maybe tell their friends

  2. Know your market and identify “strengths” or an identity that fits your market. What are you known as? Cheapest? Fastest delivery? Highest quality? Broadest menu, or pizza specialists? Fun for kids? - Clean and bright? Dark and romantic? Then tie your marketing (boxtoppers, doorhangers, etc) together with a look and feel that reminds people and build your brand

  3. Do the basics - doorhangers, boxtoppers, maybe postcards. And have several other people review the materials with/for you. You might think something looks cool/funny/elegant or something, but find that most other people don’t like it for some reason - take their advice if its repeated a couple times…


Did you by any chance read that article from last month’s PMQ? In it I list 4 basics to brand imaging. Here ya go:


Great article. Wise words. I shall look upon these as the Four Commandments!


That’s how I look at them. That’s the way it was taught to me and that’s what I’ve stuck with all these years. It really works.


In it I list 4 basics to brand imaging.

great article, thanks for giving back…
I am opening on September 20th and will have my menu/doorhangers and marketing mostly through doorhanging to begin with…
my delivery light topper should be here anyday…

I appreciate your help,

Awesome Otis! Good luck to ya down there in AZ. I look forward to the progress report.


Thanks, I’ll keep you posted,
and on the Facebook for pizzerias also,

and… sometimes we get complacent and forget… so post the four commandments in a place where you will see them every day and remember that you have to ALWAYS stay in front of the customer. be consistent and come at them from several angles.


we have a serious issue with the car topper part of your article the main opposition is because of the safety issue. any recomendation on what you siad to your drivers to combat this opposition