Most "interesting" customer combination.

What is the most interesting combination you make for a customer who orders a made to order pie?

Once or twice a week we get a fax order for a customer who likes

Tzatiki sauce, feta, smoked gouda, cheddar, gyro meat, bratwurst, linguicia sausage, red onions, banana peppers and pepperoncinis (sp),

And I thought it was odd when a customer asked me to spead a package of peanuts over their cheese pizza!

Turkey, Dressing
and cranberry sauce.

Hey!! A special for November.
You do that really? Cranberry for sauce, turkey for a topping?
Or do you mean dressing= stuff-ing? On a cheesed pizza? Is there red sauce (or brown gravy)??


use to go to this place in vegas that did a sandwich with turkey cranberry sauce and stu#%ing dang censor it was awsome the pizza thing has me thinking

Turkey and stuff1ng and cranberry as toppings with a dark gravy for sauce. And to be honest I was the customer years ago when I worked at a gas station across from a pizza place. I had Thanksgiving leftovers and the cook told me he would make any kind of pizza I wanted if I supplied the toppings. Never thought much about it but it might be good to add candied yams too.

I sell this every day at my store I have steamtables w/ ribs, chicken,fish collard greens, yams, cabbage, mac & cheese

I have a customer who gets fries on their pizza every week - they love it!