Most Popular "Menu Cover" Starbursts

Good afternoon folks,

I thought I'd post a list of the most popular "starbursts" that we see on takeout menus and Menu Mailers. These generate a better response in most situations as opposed to not using a cover starburst at all. This is especially true when mailing Menus directly to customers to generate a fast response. I hope that some of you find this to be valuable information. Read on below or visit this link to see a picture of a menu w/ starburst offer [](

[b]New Menu, Look Inside!
Try Our New Items!
Try Our New Flavors!

Voted #1 by [NAME]
Voted Best [Food Item] By [Name]

12 Wings only $4.99 w/ Any Order!

“We Sell by the Slice!”

“Guaranteed Your Way. Hot & Fresh!”

“New Coupons Inside!”

“Order Online & Save!”

“We Deliver FAST”

Better Ingredients. Locally Owned & Operated.

Call Now! Free Fast Delivery"

“Never Pay Full Price Again!”
-Amazing Coupons Inside

“We Honor Competitor Coupons”
-Noone beats our quality or pricing![/b]

If you’d like to see actual takeout menu designs (with and without starbursts/coupons) please send me an email. I can email you back with free samples to check out. I have some “bestseller” designs that you may be able to use to increase your sales…thanks again!