motorbike delivery, removable box

I am here in Thailand and see “The Pizza Company”, delco with dine in.
I see they delivery their $6 pizzas, free for the customer on motorbikes with a lightweight red box, side opening, facing rear, the is aproximately 15’ x 15" x 15" OD. There delivered pizza must be around 13".
The red box just has bungy cords on the side and is strapped on most “Honda 50” motorbikes, which are plentifull here.

Is anyone doing this in the US ?
My pizzeria is in Quartzsite, AZ, a small town with moderate weather. I could even afford to buy a couple motorbikes.
I need to find a source for a strap down rear box, 21" cubed for my 20" pizzas.
I am going to "The Pizza Company tonight! hurray !!


Online from Thailand - good job!
Take a picture, Otis!

good idea, I did not even bring a camera…
went to The Pizza Company, perhaos the largest chain here,
Pizza price inline with the US, quality bellow US.
decent salad bar and many other dishes, almosr seems like they push the frech fries as much as the pizza…there may be a Pizza Hut here.

The best thing of there operation is the simplicity of there deliver, a removable box that can be swapped from motorbike to motorbike easily, with bungyb cords.
just as much, a rider would jump on the back of the motorbike and carry the pizzas in a typical hot bag.
there drops are probably close here, lines of hotels on the beach.
Where I am in Quartzsite, AZ, I think this concept would work well, 3 square miles and mild weather.
I would think more of us would supplement with motorbikes for the close stuff.

Heard the women are amazing there?? How about a bottle of red and a couple ladies?