Motorcycle Delivery question

Has anyone experienced one of their drivers delivering on a motorcycle with box on back for pies? I have an employee that wants to deliver buy only has a motorcycle. I would buy the box to put on the back for him but not sure how well the pizza stands up due to the way a motorcycle drives? If anyone has had experience with this please let me know the pros and cons. Or if they have a solution as to what kind of box to put on the back?


No experience personally but it seems everyone else in the world delivers on motorcycles whereas Americans deliver with automobiles so it’s definitely doable…

Forgot where I was but I remember Pizza Hut had a fleet of bikes. I don’t think they even delivered with cars because they had so many bikes parked out front.

Last year there was a Domino’s ad in Europe doing deliveries on a scooter if i remember correctly. But here in the US, you would have to talk to your insurance company (my guess is they would not allow it).