We have been experiencing problems with mould in our shredded mozzarella cheese manufactured by one of the leading cheese companies. They are aware of the problem and are working to fix it but there is still some packs we get with mould.
Previously we had extreme mould problems with Caboolture Shredded Mozzarella, to the point that I laid a complaint directly with the company. They were indifferent and uninterested in our complaints and didn’t even contact us back after leaving many request to do so. National Foods just showed a complete arrogant attitude to their customers and in the wash up lost me and many more (one particular large customer with overseas shops as well as his Australian ones). Their local reps didn’t respond to us or our wholesaler.
We had a good run with our current major cheese manufacturer until they started having mould issues, but to their credit worked positively and immediately with all concerned. Communication was and still is first class and their local reps are very responsive and good to work with.
The question is, has anyone else experienced mould in shredded mozzarella cheeses and if so what brand and how was it resolved (or not)?
Only by collectively as an industry can we put pressure on manufacturers to produce an ongoing quality product and for them to treat us, their customers, with respect and honesty.
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We do not use pre-shredded cheese but have seen small bits of mold on blocks in the past. If it is one or two spots on a block in a case, we trim them off and use the cheese and that is it. If there are mold spots on most of the blocks we return the case. If it happens a couple of times we buy cheese from the “other guys” for a while.

I would guess that shredded would have more issues since there is a lot more surface area for the mold to be established on. Does your supplier have other choices? Are there other suppliers?