Moving a 60 quart mixer

As stated, I need one like a hole in the wallet. Luckily, the hole in my wallet got me a 60 quart mixer :). Now, um, I have to move the sucker.

I’ve read on here that some have used engine hoists to move these monsters. Can you explain how? Do you pick it up by the “head” or do you pick it up by the legs? If by the legs, how do you stabilize that top-heavy monkey? Thanks.

good questions,
a “piano” dolly would handle it for moving on flat surfaces, I understand it weighs about 800 pound, the dead lift of 4 strong guys,
an engine hoist may be worth renting,
good luck with it,


Snowman, last night at 11pm we unloaded an 80qt, 1200lb monster. It is now sitting in my garage like the Tycho Monolith from 2001: Space Odyssey.

Today we’re picking up the second one we accidentally won on ebay. I will post all lessons learned sometime tonight or tomorrow. Believe me we learned a lot.

So far, the engine hoist has proven to be the biggest asset.

Hire a towing company that has a tilt bed tow truck. They back up to the door, tilt the bed down, let out the cable on the winch, hook onto the mixer, and slowly pull the mixer up onto the bed. Then they tilt the tow truck bed back up and away you go. Works slick!
Just hope you don’t have to go up or down any stairs - you’re on your own for that.

I got a 60qt mixer that weighs about 1/2 metric ton. I moved it with 2 other guys. I really wouldn’t recomend this way, but this is how we did it:

3 iron pipes
2x4, 5 ft long
2 ton truck with a lift

They are fairly easy to lift enough to get a pipe under one end. From there, get a second pipe and keep putting a new pipe in at the front while grabbing the pipe you have rolled over.

That tilt bed might be a really bad idea. My mixer is top heavy, and would easily kill someone if it toppled over on them. The 2 ton truck I rented cost me $80, and had a flat elevator looking addition to the back I was able to just “roll” the mixer on.

I moved both of mine with an negine hoist. We wrap a chain around the top and lift it off the ground. When it is high enough we just slide a dolly underneath and roll it where it has to go. Then we repeat the procedure to get the mixer off of the dolly.