Moving a Bakers Pride 451


I sourced a used double stack of Baker’s Pride 451s and wanted to know if anyone had any tips on moving these beasts. Will 3 guys be able to move these if separated and the stones removed or do I need to line up more muscle? We have a lift gate box truck we’re renting to move them. Any other tips or tricks from those who’ve walked this path before?


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Hi Premo:

Go to a rental shop and rent a genie lift or a platform lift. Open the door to the oven insert lift and crank up the oven.

I do not recommend trying to man handle ovens.

George Mills

Many thanks George, the Genie sounds like the way to go.


Not quite as easy as George makes it sound. Genie lifts have legs that stick out further than the arms do. Only the rare genie lift has legs that are adjustable in width so they can straddle the oven. Be sure you rent one with this ability or you’ll be working alot harder than you want to be.

High Paul:

The legs of the Lift eather model would go under the oven between its legs. No Need to straddle the oven.

Thanks for your comments always very good.

George Mills

I’ve moved similiar ovens by myself, but a Genie is WAY easier!!

I moved BP600 before and used a furnice lift. I don’t know the name but it worked great.

Line up as much muscle as you can, you can never have enough.

Make sure you have a gate lift and put the stones in another vehicle wrapped in a blanket to absorb any shock.

Good luck