moving an h600 mixer

Hey Guys,

I was looking around on this forum for people that have experience with moving big mixers but all I pretty much have read basically states how to move it from ground to truck, and vice versa. My question is how to move it once you get it on the ground and through 34’’ door openings (with floor bumps and all), to the designated spot? Im picturing getting a couple guys and some heavy duty furniture/refrigerator dollys and tilting the mixer from the front then placing one dolly under the front from left to right, then life the back up (with the extra guys) and putting the second cart under that. We dont wanna muscle it too much, and we dont want to drop the stand from cart to floor, and lastly dont want to tip the sucker completely over.

Can someone please shed some light?

Thanks in advance!

The times that I have had to move my mixer I go down and rent a heavy duty pallet jack. You can’t go at it head on more diagonally works best. getting it through the door might take a little while because you have to inch back and forth. Another thing to do which is a bit of a pain is drain the oil put the mixer in its side and have a welder put some heavy duty caters.

Good luck

If you have a company that rents moving supplies handy try a piano dolly. That is how I move the heavy stuff around here.

Fasten down the mixer bowl to the bowl yoke as you would to mix. Raise bowl and put the bowl dolly under the bowl. Lower bowl until mixer is off the ground and riding on the bowl dolly. You can then move about on the bowl dolly casters.
George Mills

I know this sounds funny, but we got 4 cafeteria style plastic food trays and placed one under each leg and three of us were able to push/slide the mixer across the floor. Sounds crazy, but it worked.

Bighead is right. Plastic food trays are great at reducing friction. After moving the mixer, reuse those trays to practice drifting. Just find an empty mall lot, get a front-wheel drive car, place a tray under each back wheel, apply the emergency brake, and get ready for some serious fun! :smiley: