Moving & Cleaning Around a Hobart

Recently I have become even crazier about the cleaning of our restaurant and I am trying to figure out a way to clean the floors around our Hobart mixer better. Does anyone attache casters to the bottom of the mixer to enable you to move it so that you can clean the floor underneath it? I have been in countless pizza places and I have never seen a mixer that had been modified to move so you could clean under it.

Have I taken our cleanliness to a crazy level or does anyone have any tips for me? I want to make sure that if it is moved that it is done safely.

You can slide it around. They aren’t light and I don’t know what kind of flooring you have, but it is possible.

Maybe when you know it’s clean underneath just hit it with a bead of caulking or silicone or something to where it won’t get dirty again?

I don’t think casters would work at all on a machine that moves around so much. Could be wrong though.

I learned as a kid working in family pizzerias (they owned/operated) that everything was cleaned to shine. We clean our hobart 60qt mixer after each use. It is thoroughly wiped down, vacuumed/swept/mopped, shinned and looks brand new even though it is 30 odd years old. A good cleaning after each use takes only a few minutes when the machine is done each time. If you work for us you have to be an OCD cleaner :slight_smile: Walter

Noreason “hit the nail on the head”. Those mixers are not made nor intended to be mover around. Plant it where you want it, then run a bead of silicone calking around the OUTSIDE of the mixer where it contacts the floor. This will prevent any water from getting under the mixer where there might be some irregularity in the floor and more importantly the silicone bead can be cut free to allow the mixer to be moved in the future if it ever has to be done. If you ever wanted to be introduced to a new language you should have been in the pizza shop that I was in when we discovered that the silicone bead was put on the mixer frame where it contacts the floor and we were trying to re-position the mixer to make room for a new dough prep table! The solution was a length of piano wire wrapped around a piece of 1" doll rod at both ends so it could be pulled through the slight gap releasing the mixer from the silicone bond.
While on topic, I might mention that you always want to make sure that you position your mixer far enough off of the wall to allow for easy cleaning behind the mixer.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you all for your input. We are going to be implementing silicone solution asap!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Hobart is hard wired. Granted, it does have about three feet of flexible conduit but that doesn’t allow for too much free play.

Yeah, I wouldn’t suggest moving a mixer to clean underneath it every day hahaha. You would look like the hulk after the end of the year though I bet… hmm

Pallet jack works amazing. .

I have one just for moving hobarts. Makes it a one man job

I agree… with this method… We wipe ours down daily and sealed ours to the floor with silicon caulking to prevent anything from getting under it…