Moving deck oven

Just picked up my blodget 1000 double stack and delivered it to my soon to be second store. The people I bought it from used a pallet jack to load it on their sides on dollies. My question is. Now that its on its side with the legs on it how do I lay it over on its legs without crushing the legs

I used an engine hoist and cargo straps.

Moved it with straps.
We took the legs off during the move.
Then laid it down on blocks and four of us lifted the top oven onto the bottom
Everything was out of the oven when we moved it. Burners, obviously stones and the like.

Not trying to promote my place or nothing.
But I took some photos of the oven move and you can see them by going to my Zipp’s Pizzaria facebook page.
If you go to The Making of Zipp’s Pizzaria album. there you can see a few photos of how we moved the ovens and such.