moving from ADY to IDY yeast

If I move from AdY to IDY yeast by what factor woudl I need to change the amount of yeast? My research has turned up factors from 1/3 to 1/2 less. What would you recommend?


for a 50# batch, depending on your H2O temp, I use 1.4 oz to 2.oz., added with the sugar/salt on top of the flour - no need to “bloom” - add oil after a minute or two of mixing…

As you can see from the yeast conversion table at (you may have to copy and paste this URL), for whatever weight of ADY you are using, you should reduce it by about 25% to get to the amount of IDY (by weight) you should use.


Thanks for the info guys!


When going from ADY to IDY, I like to use a factor of 66. Just multiply the amount of ADY by .66 to get the correct IDY amount to use. Said another way, you will need to use only 66% as much IDY as you did ADY. For example, if you were using 6-ounces (by weight) of ADY, the amount of IDY needed to replace it would by 0.66 X 6 = 3,96-ounces (call it 4-ounces).
Also, remember, you don’t need to pre-hydrate the IDY, just add it directly to the flour.
And what you have left over in the bag, just roll the bag down on the yeast, and secure it with a rubber band, and store it on your ingredient shelf. No need to refrigerate, infact, refrigeration can result in condensation forming on the yeast, which and raise havoc with the stability of the yeast.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor