moving locations...anyone have a check list for moving?

We are moving two miles down the road to a much better location and space. I thought I had seem a moving checklist on here but could not find it (did find pre construction list in managers tools). Anyone done this that has a checklist to share?

If not I know I am opening this wide open but what would be on your checklist?

This is what we have so far:

Store and kitchen layout
quoting new equipment
purchasing new equipment
bar design
sign-parking, hostess, ???
drink dispenser
draft beer system
telephone system
stuff from vendors (glasses, signs, decorations, gifts for soft and grand opening, coasters, etc.)
moving oven
ice machine and other equipment moving
sign moving
lighting inside, outside and patio
health insection
alcohol license moving
storage area over kitchen and bathrooms
additional sign on side of building
booths, tables, chairs
hostess stand
bathroom fixtures & installation
marketing(this list is huge)
moving DOT sign
chamber of commerce
training (new employees and new place for existing employees)
covering patio
fence in patio
patio furniture


Please feel free to add or just pick apart!!!

When I moved locations I pi$$ed off a few customers who showed up at the old location to pick up their order despite me asking them on the phone “are you familiar with our NEW location on XYZ road?” I also had people start ordering elsewhere because they thought I went out of business because the old storefront was empty(landlord removed my sign saying please visit us at…). Let people know ahead of time that you’ll be moving so you minimize these affects. Last, and most important, my telephone number could not be switched to the new location. The exchange I had was not allowed to be moved to that side of town :?: :?: :?: . I had put out a quarter of a million magnets with that number on it in the 4 years that I had owned the store and now the best I could do is forward the old number to my new number. Unfortunatly, only one call could be forwarded at a time with no rollover service so anyone who tried calling the old number while we were taking an order from a forwarded call would get a busy signal. I’m sure I missed many 10’s of thousands of dollars due to people not being able to get through. The year I moved was the worst sales year I had in the 13 years I owned my store. Fortunately that was 9 years ago.

to aliveate Paul’s problem, for $35/month (till you get customers trained) you can have a virtual service answer/forward your phone…even put a tag line on it reminding them of the new location…

Were you meaning something like Ring Central?..Forward old number to Ring Central and Ring Central number to new number…