Moving MM360's

Its official - we’re jumping ship @ this small strip center & taking over the kitchen at a previous Don Pablo’s facility…

Any tricks when moving the MM 360 conveyor ovens? 'Course they need to be turned on their side to make it thru the door…

Any/All suggestions welcomed…

I’m an “XLT” guy myself but when I moved it to it’s current location…storage unfortunetly, I used 2 of those little “movers’ dollys” from the farm store, borrowed some lifting straps from my firehouse, fed those through the oven, used my engine hoist to lift it up, (balanced by 3 guys) to a point high enough to let me swivel it “on edge”. I then just had to lower it back down on edge to the waiting dolly. I had rented a truck with a lift gate, so we rolled it on, in, down and out…all on the dolly. In the truck I just used some straps to hold it secure.

easy right? :smiley:

I know there are some YouTube vids showing the XLT folks moving one in. They use some jig and post type system that looks slick. It might be worth a look, then a trip to a rental store to see if anything could be rigged up from what they offer.

This may sound stupid but we moved a double stack ps360q with 2 people and a bobcat. It worked really well and did not hurt anyones back lol[/list]

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when we replaced our lincoln 1000 with MM 360 We used a lot of people, furniture dollies, a couple of 4x4’s (fence posts)
next time I’ll rent some equipment. The only hard part was because the ovens were taller than the vent hood so we had to lift the upper oven inside the hood and roll the lower oven under it.

Just some tips for moving any large piece of equipment:
Get a tape measure before hand and measure EVERY place you are going to be bringing the equipment through BEFORE you do it. Then measure each side of the oven and be sure to include any fixtures, plumbing, electric that might be sticking out. This can save you a lot of headaches and make your life easier and safer when moving equipment.
Like others mentioned, get yourself some industrial dollies and tip the oven on to them to move.

Oh, and another thing: not sure what kind of legs your 360 is on but often times removing them will make your life easier and give you one less thing to potentially break.

Hi Patriot:

The toughest part when moving the ovens will be getting the ovens un stacked (upper unit off the lower unit) then getting the upper one half off the lower half for door clearance.

Best bet, go to a rental shop and rent a gene lift its a gadget on casters with tines like a fork lift, crank operated for lifting. Insert the tines into the oven cavity through the sandwich window, put a 2 X 4 on the end of the tones at the back of the oven to spread the weight and you can then lift the top oven off the bottom one.You can use the same procedure to lift the upper portion off the lower oven off its base but you will have to use man power to lift the upper half of the upper unit off its lower component. That’s not to difficult once you have the upper unit on the ground. You reverse the procedure to re stack the ovens you can also use those lifts to load the truck. Put the separated units on their backs on furniture dollys and you should be able to move them without great problem.

Be careful when reconnecting the power You have a 208-240 volt system four wire system 2 hot one neutral and one ground. Connect One hot leg to the black wire the other to the red wire the supply neutral connects to the green white wire and the ground wire connects to the green I recommend that nether hot leg exceeds 120 volt. The factory says nether should exceed 130 volt but I always feel safer at 120 volt. Exceeding those voltages will fry the mother board and you will have an expensive repair bill.

The factory specifies a 2 in gas line. Your plumber will probably say that’s larger than necessary but that’s what the factory wants. That should be a dedicated line nothing else on it. Gas meter rating should be at least 600 cu ft per hour.Gas pressure 6 to 12 inch of water column pressure.

Note Jesse makes good suggestions regarding measuring but Jesse there are no legs on a MM PS 360 oven

Have fun George Mills

Hmm… I was sure I had seen those with both casters and legs… If George is right, I was mistaken and thanks to him for clearing it up. The tip about removal still holds true for casters if they are removable.

Hi Jessy the ps 360 is on casters or feet small 6-8 inchers. Perhaps they could be called Legs.
George Mills

Thanks for the clarification. I usually use feet and legs interchangeably.