Moving Oven

I hope somebody can give me advise on the best way to move and install an oven? I purchased a Marsal 10866 single stack which is currently in a storage unit, I need to find a way to transport it to the pizzeria and figure out a way to get it setup correctly. I thought of renting a liftgate truck to transport it but with the oven being 84" long I’m not sure this would work… Any helpful tips would be appreciated.


If Bspa is the Ballston Spa I know in NY. Let me know I can give you a couple of numbers of people with trucks that will deliver it for you.

That is correct, I would very much appreciate that. Thanks!

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I moved my marsal with a flatbad truck from a towing company

Got it and responded. Thanks

One other question if you wouldn’t mind, The oven came set up for Nat. Gas but was converted to propane. I understand the procedure to convert it back is simple but cannot find any information on how to do it?

Not sure on how to do that but I would think its just changing out the connection. Try talking to a ac/heating or plumber or looking it up on YouTube.

I had my Lincolns converted from Propane to NG. On those it involved changing the main orifice, the orifice in the pilot and the springs in the regulators, all provided in a kit from Lincoln with an instruction sheet. This is because NG runs at a lot lower pressure than propane and therefore you need lighter springs for the regulators to work and larger orifices in order to pass the appropriate amount of gas. Once the changes are made the gas pressure needs to be set at the manufacturers specification. It is one of those times you want a professional around unless you are experienced in such things.

Any other suggestions on getting this thing moved? I found several people that will get it transported but the biggest issue is getting the oven up and onto the pedestal legs… Any ideas?

I used an engine hoist and recovery straps to lift my ovens when I moved them. If you want details let me know.

Details would be great, We have a set of Bakers Pride y600’s which look to much easier to install as the legs simply bolt to the bottom, The new Marsal ovens come with a L-Framed pedestal type thing which sits about 3 feet off the ground which would require lifting the oven up and over it and setting it down in the tracks. I looked at a genie lift but the rated capacity doesn’t seem enough and I don’t want to chance it. The engine hoist sounds like an idea but with the oven being 84" long would there be a balance issue?