Moving shop into new space - new materials

Wall coverings- We’ve used FRP in other stores but would like to use something that looks more like subway tile on a 4x8 sheet ( i’ve seen this in jersey mikes / subway0

Flooring - looking for a 1 piece - possibly spray on. I dont want grout.

Any other suggestions for a new build out that your glad you invested in or wish you did?

i just finished my new place and was dead against using FRP but I am glad I did. I am not sure if there are different brands but I used ones that are sized 4’ wide x 12’ tall to minimize the seams and it looks great since we have 12’ high ceilings in the kitchen. The sheets that look like the tile are not rated for kitchen use I was told. I was used to tile in the kitchen but let me tell you cleaning grout is no fun…this just wipes/scrubs so easy and is def less maintenance. We did a poured eurethane concrete floor and cove base for the kitchen in a red color and although it is not cheap I highly recommend. We did a polishd concrete in the counter & dining area. *** DO A TROUGH DRAIN SYSTEM IN KITCHEN! **. I did not know about this until later and deeply regret it. Also, we hung sheetrock on the bottom 4’ and top 4’ with plywood in between so we always knew we had backing to hang shelving, etc

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We are also moving into a new shop. What maintenance is required for the urethane floor. Our old floor is basic VCT which requires stripping and waxing (hardly ever gets done). I’m thinking ceramic for durability and longevity. I will go with dark grey or brown with matching grout that should mask any discoloration. I’m not sure how long an epoxy or poly floor will last before it needs to be resurfaced.

I had large format ceramic for the last 20yrs and would NEVER do it again. Although the darker color to match grout will hide dirt in the grout lines better the darker color tiles will show the dirt more (i know does not make sense). We plan on getting the kitchen floors machine scrubbed 2x a year to keep them looking good but all we do know is sweep, throw down water & cleaner, & squeeged to floor drains (spend the money to add those) Corners need to be scrubbed every week but much easier especially if you have a long trench drain. I did a darker grey/blue color in the bathroom and I absolutely hate it…looks like a gym locker room and stains easy so I am putting 4’x4’ tile over it. I hear that epoxy does not hold up well in kitchen. Also my floor is naturally non-skid now which obviously is. good thing

Thanks famousperry, I will look into that flooring.

Thanks guys, I’ll be looking into that flooring