Moving Shop

Holly Cannoli - I am in the process of moving Dine-O-Mite P&E to a new more populated location. I just wanted to say it is not as big an ordeal as I thought it was going to be, and my current locations community has been an awesome support, believe it or not. There is a reason and story about it. To long to post. Amazing what this business brings on a daily basis. I guess that’s why I love it and can’t give up! Started the move Monday of this week and have just about completed the process. Nice part is the new location was once a pizza shop for about 7 years and just closed as a doughnut shop that was there for about 18 mths…the hoods, ansel sys, and blowers are still there. It’s needs a real good cleaning and some minor adjustments. I can tell you GOD is with me!

My biggest concern was the move of my 2 deck Bakers Pride…it is now in place in the new shop, so even though it will be a struggle to open by Oct 15, I can say I am relieved that the ovens are in place and the rest will follow.

Can’t wait to get back to doing what Dine-O-Mite Pizza & Eatery does best in NWA for a whole lot more guests:)

Nite all

So are you closed from September 17th till October 15th?

Unfortunately …Yes:(

Good luck! Add some pictures when you’re done…

Thanks SP…will do:)

By the grace of God, I hope to reopen at my new location this Friday…I can’t wait to make dough again…and some of the dough you make for making the dough.