Moving Targets?

Has anyone used these guys? I’m interested in the ROI percentage. Thnx

search the archives… alot of pros and cons…

I wanst happy
lot of people that WASNT new movers!

do it yourself…takes me 1 hour per month…costs about $8 in paper and postage…scan the real estate transfers each month…I even cross reference our database to eliminate existing customers…make it look professional though

What’s a real estate transfer?

Nick, any time a deed is transfered it has to be recorded at the county court house.

My deeds are published in the paper every Sunday. However, I just found out that the info is also available on the county web site.

I know you’re in a small area, not sure if your county has a website or not. If not, call the “Recorder of Deeds” and they should be able to tell you how to access the info.

Our local Chamber of Commerce gets the new water accounts and I can either get it for free or $30 (depending on mood of the water dept charging the chamber). You can print your own cards and do the whole thing yourself.

Check your town clerks office…ours is published in the newspaper

With using the sales info from your county, you miss a large part of new mover marketing. What about rentals? Are there no apartments or rental houses in your towns? I use for my mailing list. If you don’t want to put in the work, Moving Targets is the next best thing.

don’t use it unless you want to give free pizza away to current customers or apartment dwellers who move in and out as often as every few months. Very few come from “New” Move ins. I had a “customer” get 2 coupons for the same address, then 3 months later got another coupon. they have only ordered from me 3 times!!

Hello G man,I started using them about 5 months ago in the Phila. area and I have had quite a few new customers from this.I don’t know how busy some of these other people are in here but there telling you to go do it yourself,well I have to breathe deep on that suggestion…lol. I could NEVER find the time to do such things.
At the end of the day its worth it if your in an area that is growing. Hope this helps. Niccademo