Moving to a bigger spot. Have questions

Considering 1 mile move from 1200 sf delco to 2700 sf with dining.
What size vent hood will I need for Edge 60 wb ovens? (double to start triple maybe later)
There’s a big in ground grease trap already in place, I’ve only previously had grease interceptors,
How often do they need pumping? what cost?
Walk-in recommendations? I’m thinking 8X14 Drop in or remote?
Rent? They are asking about 5K per month, should I hire someone to negotiate for me?
Meeting with shopping center owner and contractors tomorrow.

I appreciate any suggestions and feedback,

The hood would need to be 52 in X 100 in

George Mills

The walk in size is adequate We use drop ins as they are less costly to buy and maintain

We use a unit that does not protrude in to the box and does not require a condensate drain.

George Mills

Without a doubt. There is a whole lot more to a lease than just the rent and if you have not done several of them you are likely to miss out on many items besides just money.

What you want is a broker with Tenant Rep experience (NOT you local buddy the residential broker!!) The good news is that you should not have to pay them. They should get a commission from the LL. You need to bring them into the picture right away though or the LL may balk at paying.

Be sure to check with your food safety/health/codes department to see what interval they will require that the grease trap be cleaned, also be sure to run your selection of a hood past them (prior to purchase/installation) as we are seeing important differences in different municipalities. Put the wrong one in and they will just make you take it out and replace it with one that meets THEIR code requirements, they’re kinda funny in that way. Also be sure to check out the codes on signage.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Most codes I have seen require 6" overhang around the equipment
The size of the hood is one thing, the CFM of the exhaust puller fan is another. If you are starting out with 1 oven and plan to move to 3 make sure your fan CFM pulls enough for 3 ovens otherwise you might end up with lack of venting and excessive heat in the shop. Some Up blast fans from Hood Mart, Captive Air etc have variable speed controllers that will increase CFM on demand, for example from say 1800 CFM to 4,000 CFM
The size of the grease trap effects the clean out schedule, the smaller traps needs to be cleaned more often is all. Some traps can be cleaned by hand for example if they are inside and more shallow say 75-125lb trap 30" deep. Larger and deeper outside (and inside) traps need equipment to clean out. The schedule can be set by city code (in general) but it really depends on how much grease you use and how and really how well you stop grease from heading to the trap (wipe grease items with paper towels before cleaning etc…). Check the trap daily and clean weekly to start. Less grease, less cleaning.

Drop in cooler are fine, just remember the compressor in inside the building, typically on top or side mount. The compressor adds heat to the space which in turn increases the demand on AC. Remote units have the compressor outside, are more expensive to install, but reduce loads on the AC. Norlake for example has plug and play remote units complete with charged lines. With ovens going and the importance of AC, personally I prefer remote units. Size of the cooler will depend on your dough management and items needing to be stored (your menu items) , if you are a multi-day cold dough fermenting shop, you need space for that. Calculate the # of balls you may use, determine if you are going to use boxes and stack or use sheet trays with racks then calculate the space. Easy to say, harder to do. 8X14 is a decent size.

Overhead will KILL your business. Too many shops close up due to high rent and their anticipation of enough volume to cover expenses. The way to determine if cost is in line if to calculate the cost per square foot and compare to the rest of the area. A 1200 SF delco is about a low cost as you can get, compare your cost now with your existing volume and see of $5K fits in. Since it’s 1 mile away, using your existing volume can help set a baseline with the $5K plugged in.

On a side note, reading some of the other posts, the cooler condensate drain. Depends on city code, some municipalities want a physical drain for the condensate and that means plumbing and plumbing cost! Some don’t want you using an electric condensate pump to drain to the closest line. Check this one out. Norlake has what is called an “Electronic Vaporizer” which you can look at on line, there are others out there too. It’s the way to go to avoid the costly plumber guy…

Thanks for the response BBH . I talked to EDGE and they’re recommending 12" on sides so 7X10 should be good. My sales now are around 23K weekly with added dining area and better location I hope to see 27k-30K soon. I’ll look into the vaporizer. Pricing the new EDGE ovens it looks like it is only 3k more for triple WB than triple 32" belt, seems like a no brainer.

do the WB and you should be fine with a double stack

Probably start out with double and get enough exhaust for triple later if needed. How’s that docking sheeter working out for you?

^ This

a double stack will do 40k a week or so depending on your pricing.

I’ve never had a shop fail cause rent was too high. its normally cause sales are too low lol. 1000-2000 a month difference in rent shouldn’t make or break your business

Did somebody say docking sheeter? That is on my wishlist…please tell me it works great…Somerset?

Actually, a docking sheeter isn’t all that great of a “thing”, a regular sheeter will serve you just fine in conjunction with a decent hand docker. A really good hand docker is the Heavy Duty Plastic Roller Docker #DD5705 ot the Ten Wheel Casted Handle Dough Docker #DDCH7756 (page #255, 2015 American Metalcraft, Inc. Catalog. <> / 800-333-9133.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor