moving update

So just giving update on my move. New location is smaller, contractors working hard to get done by tuesday for health department inspection on Wednesday.
My son is coming back to be my assistant mgr he has a lot of new ideas and one he really wants me to start using fresh herbs in my sauce so if anyone has a great recipe along with measurements please pass along. I usually use 3 cans of sauce(Stanislaus) for a 5 gl pal
along with my seasoning & 3 cans of water.

He wants me to eliminate my greaseless fryer I told him that will not happen anytime soon as I’m in a lease for 3 more yrs with it so hes wanting ideas to cook fresh in it instead of frozen

He was wanting to me use fresh bacon and sausage, BUT I quickly explained the cost on that its cheaper to us all ready precooked bacon because of fat waste. The sausage may work but never have used fresh sausage before

That’s it for now

I think fresh sausage is definitely the way to go, but I tried to go the fresh bacon route as a pizza topping and it just kept coming back to the chopped bacon topping being about the same costwise, with much less labor. We do bake our bacon strips a pan at a time though for our subs. We just do a dozen or so strips each day or as needed. If we get a rush we just bake them on foil by themselves for 5 mins or so and they cook up just fine. Just have to spend 10mins total on a sub instead of 5. And thats just when you run out.

We just buy bulk sausage, frozen in 5lb bags from a local place. We thaw it overnight and pinch it onto a sheet pan, then bake for 5 mins. Some places put it on raw, but I feel squeamish about that.

Don’t have any experience w a greaseless fryer, but I would keep consideration in your planning for adding a regular fryer in the future. You can make things so much higher quality and cheaper by making your own instead of frozen.

I use a canned, fully prepped sauce. I know I’ll get hated on for it. But it seems like every time I start to explore making my own, a customer starts raving about how much they love my sauce and I get gun-shy again about changing.

1 month update… Reopened 3 weeks after shut down. Electrician ran into major issues, Sales are 250% higher, weekly, than old location. What a difference moving only 5.4 miles did for the bottom line

Gratz on the sales increase, bummer on the electrical problems. Speaking from experience, sadly you will almost run into them when moving.

Congrats! That is good news.

Good move ! Am happy for you !

Thanks everyone. … yeah going from only doing roughly 2k a week to doing 5500 was a HUGH jump in sales along with all the extra prep that comes along with it. The building was built in 89 & had 3 businesses in it. Electrician found 7 live wires just laying in ceiling along with a 220 laying on a copper water line. Good news landlord gave me a break on August rent because we were delayed from opening 2 weeks because of it

One of my customers posted this on my business fb page saying we are TMNT worthy LOL…

Also heard from a little mouse in the community that L.C. is upset that there numbers have dropped since my presence. Telling me to be aware that they are planning revenge. My numbers continue to climb every day

lol i love it, personally i would frame that and put it up in the customer area !

As far as LC goes, lol guess their customers were only shopping there because there was nothing better :smiley:

Awesome. Glad it’s working out for you!

Great to hear that the move is going to pay off!