Hopefully I will be opening our new location 3 doors down from our current shop for my Longmont shop.

Technically started planning this back in November. In January the NEW landlord gave me a clean space. Started drawings but architect was inept so switch architects in mid-February. Then my “corporate” entity began meddling (D9Phoenix knows all about them). 6 weeks of delays and I finally had drawings to take to the city and health dept.

Had we gotten in in March we would have gotten approved in 3 weeks and begun working. Instead it was end of April and this meant June 1st we started building. Meanwhile I had begun buying the new equipment and planning other things. To date I vastly underestimated how much money it was going to cost.

So I went with the XLT 3870 w/AVI Hood - Powder Coated RED! I bought brand new walk-in coolers - the main one is 14x16 and has 2 speed cooler doors for shelving behind them. Got a USED (was new 3 months before I purchased it as it went back to the equipment people) 80qt Hobart and most of my other stuff will be transferred from the current shop.

We did add a 40 seat dinning room and the makelines (pizza and salad) will face the customers (with sneeze glass) so we are on full display all the time. Separate driver door as well. We anticipate adding 25% MORE than we are doing now - and become a 2 Million a year store.

The hiccup right now is the Ansul system was overlooked even though the hood and ovens are prerun to be Ansul ready this crucial item was missed until this week.

Hopefully we are open before October 1st! Wish me luck!

Best of luck Dale! Adding sit down and having customers around all the time will certainly be interesting.

Were you able to add beer, wine etc.? It can really boost your top line.

Not something I can do here.

Best of luck on the new location! I am looking forward those problems myself! :wink: