mozz, prov mix....whats the benefits??

Hi we were wondering if anyone was using this combo and what the benefits are?? we talked to the roma rep last night and he told us that the only reason people were doing this was to be able to raise there prices because use provolone is more expensive than mozz, and that people think its higher quality cheese when its a blend. but he didn’t give any other benefits of this blend. also, how is roma to work with?? my husband was completly impressed with the rep but I know we have maybe 2 more distributers to look at before we decide who we’re going with. any feedback would be great!!! thanks…I love this place, we’ve learned so much since I’ve been lurking the last few months.

Roma’s fine, but this guy has red flags flying for me. He doesn’t appear to have much knowledge of cheese if he says the only reason I and others use mozz prov blend is to raise our prices. The provolone adds a definite nutty taste when I bake with it in the blend, and the stretch characteristics are different than straight mozz. The provolone bakes differently in different ovens, and in my oven the provolone gives a better flow/melt and flavor profile than straight mozzerella. Sure, I end up paying a little extra for the provolone . . . the price of doing business witha great pizza I say. A couple more bucks a case isn’t so bad, really.

To add to Nick’s explanation, prov and mozz mix won’t get brown and burn before the dough is even cooked… this blend melts nice and its very cheese… mozz, prov anf chedar mix in my opnion is one of my favorite blends…

As a CUSTOMER, 100% mozzarella is what I’d expect to see as a selling point. “Blend” would imply a lesser cheese or other filler being used. If pizza shops just wanted to charge more, they’d put gold in the crust. Quality costs more.

However, on the prov vs mozz debate, try it all for yourself and take away what you want. Personally, I wish there were something with a bolder flavor than mozz or prov to add to the mix, maybe a sharp parm or something. Something that screams “this ain’t Domino’s”.

we shake on a blend of parm/basil/black pepper prior to baking - kicks up the cheese!!!

we defintally will be trying it, we will have samples of a lot of different blends before we open, just wanted to hear the consensus on this one. We are going for the highest quality possible, so price wise isn’t really an issue at the moment, we need to fill a need in the town we’re in and quality will be the key. :lol:

If you are going high end, I would suggest that you select the product that you think is best regardless of the type of cheese. Do taste tests, get your business neighbors in for tasting (it engages them in your enterprise which is a BIG help)

Personally, I like 100 mozz best and that is what we use, but we tested the blends as well. Main thing don’t base your decisions on what food reps tell you. They are great source of info, but they also have an interest in selling what they rep.

my experience w/Roma’s blend (the one in 15# bags) is that it is an “off-white” color when it sits a bit - not great for a slice operation IMHO - we used a lot of it

100 percent mozz obviously would make a great tasting pie but you know how expensive that would be? mozz is not cheap… I think Grande’s mozz prov cheddar blend is the best of the best IMHO…

Blend is all about flavor, and yes - the melt characteristics.
I make my own blend, which includes three cheeses besides the mozz.

Throw a little ROMANO in there…

Hello cobble,Grande has probably hands down the best chse. out there.They have a diced whole milk 50/50 meaning 50% mozz.and 50% prov…If you have a shredder then obviously thats the more efficient way to go.Give them a call and they’ll send you some samples I’m sure.

                               Good luck,  Niccademo

It would cost me less to use 100% mozzarella than adding the provolone. That said, I’ve heard as well that Grande is the “high end” benchmark of cheeses. I have not yet tried them, as they are a bit out of my price range for now. I have a mozz/prov/cheddar sample in my cooler right now that a distributor sampled out to me. I’m going to try it out tonight on some pies . . . one cheese only, and a bacon cheeseburger affair with beef, bacon and the cheese blend. People who like onions would add those too.

Nick, I think it depends what brand you use… like every other cheese, there’s very expensive ones and then you have cheap ones…

Let me know how you like that grande (mozz, cheddar, prov), I’m telling you once you go grande you never go back LOL… the only bad thing about grande is that it cost 2.98 lb now…

Agreed in total about ranges of quality. I’ve found provolone to be higher cost per pound than mozz in every brand I can get through my cheese distributor. Loaf, shredded, same story. Do you have a brand where prov is less? I’d like to try it and possibly save me some dollars.

Nick, the dist that we use have their own brand prov and cold cuts… its pretty decent… I don’t have the cost per pound in hand but when I get it I will let u know… what happened with ur grande sample? did u like it? like I said, the only bad thing about grande is that cost almost 3 bucks per pound

I use primo gusto provolone only 2.21 a pound. Taste and melts great. I blend, can still taste the provlone mixed 1/3. I was going to ask if that price was too cheap but with the taste, I dont care.