Mozza prices

Has anyone else seen a sharp increase in shredded mozza prices? My cheese went up to $1.95/lb. this past week from about $1.83 last week from about $1.70 a month ago. Something strange is going on here, methinks.

Block price has been on a steady upward climb…expect to see some more increases.

Base cheese price links:

Current market at Cheese Reporter

September and further back in time

I hear it should continue trending up, as well as tomato products. Wheat is looking to be steady or down. As such, I’m stocking up on cheese, etc… (at lower prices - 1.69 block)

Thanks for the links Brad. Those will be helpful moving ahead.

As soon as school started and the schools started to buy tons of milk, it drove the cheese prices right up. They should settle back down, but who knows, we go spoiled this year with how low cheese got.
Last year in January it was really low, so hopefully that will happen again.