Multiple Callers Using Same Phone Number

How do you handle hospitals and car dealership employees using their company phone to place delivery orders, everytime someone from the hospital calls we have to change all the info… its time consuming… I wish when someone called from the hospital it gave me a list and I could select the person and all their relevant info would auto populate instead of me having to erase the previous info and put in the new info. Does any Pos do this?

Our PoS system has a “common phone number” section that allows us to record a Name, Room #, or other information on memo lines that are attached only to that specific order so nothing has to be changed. The “bucket” is emptied though after the order is closed, so no database is built up like you are wanting. It does save us from having to alter the main information every time though. It’s also nice to make one-time notes like “add a $x tip” or “bring change for a $50” that we wouldn’t want showing up on the next order anyways.

Speedline will auto populate with all callers from the same number, then there is different for each extension, i.e. list customers names and can then be selected. I know you’ve gone the Speedline route already though lol

Thanks guys, Im always wondering why basic issues like this are never really solved. Pos companies still tout they can handle 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas as if its groundbreaking technology