Multiple Sets of Hours?

Does anyone else have multiple sets of hours? i.e. in our case, on a Friday, our dining room and bar closes at midnight while our delivery runs till 3am.

We do and it causes all sorts of problems with how our hours are listed on google, yelp, fb, etc… We either have to say we close at midnight (and lose out on potential delivery business from 12am - 3am), or we say we close at 3am (and piss off customers who come after midnight expecting to dine in).

Anyone else have a similar problem? Or does anyone have a suggestion on a good solution?

Flingers Pizza Pub

I’ve attached what Google recommends. I would list your delivery hours and then state the time your dine in closes where ever you can - Front door, website, Google about section, menus, Facebook post pinned to top of feed, on hold messages, any bad reviews about being closed and so on. If you have a couple of phone lines you can make one for dine in and one for delivery and set up two Google accounts but I wouldn’t recommend that as it would get confusing to customers. If you’ve been open a while your regulars will know this by now but for all the new customers you can only apologize and maybe give them a voucher for their next visit. Unfortunately there is no fix for this on Google, maybe they will address it in the future as this affects many other businesses as well.

After looking at all your pages and reviews. I don’t think you should worry too much about this issue.

Thanks for the reply, Rico. Very helpful.