Mushroom varieties on pizza

I have been using fresh, cultivated white button mushrooms since we began operations. I am starting to consider changing up or offering an ption or two. I checked pricing, and it appears I can get 10# whole crimini muchrooms for the same price I pay for sliced white shrooms. Then there is the possibility of slicing some portabella caps.

Does anyone use anything unusual for their mushrooms? How are the received? Bellas can be somewhat watery, and bland at times, but I am not a mushroom eater at all. I am just looking to add some perceived value and cache without added expense. One I dea I have is for a Mushroom Lover type pizza with cream sauce, chiffonade of basil and several types of mushrooms.


That sounds delicious!

We offer both white button mushrooms, as well as our Mushroom Mix - Crimini, Portabello and Shiitake mixed together (2-1-1 part mixture, respectively…) We get pretty good feedback from that mixture.

we offer fresh mushrooms and portobella mushrooms. We slice them about 1/8" thick, and actually sell quite a few of them. you might try putting them with a pesto sauce and see what happens.

Having a 4 mushroom pizza on the menu is a great selling point to the veggies out there. I introduced one a few years back, named it the Fun Guy, and it has jumped up as a top seller. (Less than half the people get the joke though).

haha thats clever!