Heyo everybody.

So I’ve seen similar threads before about mushrooms but I’m still not sure what to do.
I currently use fresh mushrooms at my pizzeria but I’ve been contemplating switching to canned. Just hear me out.
I was recently driving back from Buffalo and stopped at a SBarros in a truck stop. I got their mushroom pizza and it was amazing. Dough, crust, and cheese weren’t the best- but the mushrooms were crazy flavorful. They clearly weren’t fresh mushrooms, I could tell they were canned just by looking at them. I was hesitant to buy the slice but shocked when I tasted how good it was. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever had canned mushrooms on a pizza and I’m not mad at it.
Maybe the mushrooms flavor intensifies in the canning process? Maybe it’s the added sodium?
I don’t know guys. I’m torn here. Maybe offer both at my pizzeria? I don’t care about price or shelf life, this is based solely on the flavor. I love fresh mushrooms but the canned ones seemed to be more flavorful. Am I crazy?

I love canned mushrooms wish I had the guts to use them but I use flavorless fresh medium mushrooms.

Conveyor ovens make fresh mushrooms taste better by drying them out intensifying the umami taste

Bring 5 people that you know you can trust to be honest with you. Give them a tastes test. Let them know your trying out two different types of mushrooms and for them to let you know which ones taste better.

Sometimes just because you like the way something tastes doesn’t mean that the majority will also. If it’s 4 out of 5 or higher I would choose which ever mushrooms they chose. 3 out of 5 your customers will not notice a difference and I would basically go for price.

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You can always sauté the fresh mushrooms to give them some better taste

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We switched from canned to fresh 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. We cook our fresh mushrooms with a little bit of olive oil in a hotel pan covered in foil until they are soft, roughly 40 minutes in a 500 degree deck oven. You can also saute them if you have a range or flat top grill.

Awesome, thanks guys. I’ve always just used them raw on pizza. Never thought about cooking them first. I guess that would cut the moisture and intensify the flavor. People get so swept up in routine, they tend to overlook the easiest fix… I never even thought of it. I wish I would’ve joined this forum earlier. I really appreciate all the feedback

I prefer canned mushrooms, But the customers want fresh because they think that is better.

I understand you can also blanch or steam the fresh mushrooms. I have seen some people cook them through the conveyor oven with some liquid margarine after lightly seasoning them to add some flavor.