Music Provider

What companies do the Think Tankers use for providing music at their restaurant?

I used Sirius XM at my old location, which worked out good. But I’m looking for something better at my new location. Maybe Rockbot…has anyone heard of it? Used it?


I do not play music outside of the kitchen, to much of a headache with making sure you are paying the correct licensing. I just have TVs setup and let people listen to those.

Just a twisted side idea… (we do this at our retail store) Businesses who sell music (like starbucks) can play that music in the establishment. We now have a CD rack that holds about 30 titles… and guess what? Those happen to be what we like to listen to (and we have sold over 100 CDs since November)

In our on-mountain store a few years ago we used Musak, but if I were doing it today I think I would go with a paid Pandora account.

i use xm too and its the same music over and over again…im tired of it. im gonna look other options… i did use pandora before had the same problem and it turns off after four hours…needless to say my staff doesnt take the time to refresh the page so people sat here in silence. gonna check out musak and rockbot.

iTunes Radio, or if I want something off the wall, I use the internet radio feature in iTunes
No, I am not playing my personal collection, it is commercial radio

GotRocks, if you use internet radio check our WERS. It is Emerson College radio station with professional DJ’s. They play alt / rock / current music and best of all they don’t have commercials.

We use commercial Pandora via DMX boxes which can tailor the mix to our likes (much like regular Pandora but more of a commercial unit and definitely no commercials) The monthly fee (about $33) covers all BMI/ASCAP fees. We have three zones with different mixes and it works well for us.

I have pandora DMX as well. It’s great for the customers, as we always get compliments about how great the music is. Not so great for those of us that are there all day, as they play the same songs over and over. I’ll be happy to never hear American Pie again, lol. I just started using Amazon Prime to change it up sometimes. I connect my laptop to receiver and you can make your own playlists, from selected prime (free) tunes and also download your own music to it as well.

It’s funny, I love Sirius/XM but yeah it does get repetitive. My wife listens to the Spectrum channel and it’s pull is supposed to be that it covers several different genres and time periods, but then I still hear the same songs 4-5 times a day. lol. For me, on my own time, I use it mostly for talk and sports (NHL & Stern) but we listen to Willie’s Roadhouse. It can get repetitive too, but we always have the option to switch it up to all kinds of different channels.

I’m looking into getting Dish Network installed and it comes with a Sirius package too. I’ll probably go with that as long as it’s compliant, which I assume it is since it’s going to be a business package that I’m buying.