Mutant wing chickens?!?!?

Anyone else out there noticing that ‘jumbo’ or 6-9 wings look like they came from small turkeys or pheasants instead of chickens? My yield per case of 40# has fallen way off in terms of pieces and profit developed. Customers are wildly happy, but I am losing the battle. I am about to have to drop to the next lower size in hopes of them being bigger too. Just so I can get enough pieces per pound.

I have noticed the same thing. I am tempted to start selling my wings by the pound rather than by count.

We have been using the biggest ones we can find for years. A dozen wings goes for $9.00 on our menu and people love them. Food cost is on the high side, but with very little prep, it works fine as an add-on sale.

We run the biggest size usually, and sell by the 10 for $6.00 per. Problem comes in when I am getting 20% to 25% fewer pieces in a case. Over 4 cases, that is real money being lost just in size of product pieces. Instead of averaging 8 per pound, I am up at 6.5 per pound determined by random sampling four 10-counts per case, weighing them and doing math/averages. I already have high COGS, but they are harsh with this size difference. I lose 20% to 25% of my profit per case . . . . I really have a hard time losing that, and risking re-setting customer expectations due to processor variance.

So I did try the next lower size, but they are averaging way too small. Going back to the big-uns and taking my beating like a man :frowning:

im noticing the same here, ive upped my prices a bit to help offset it, we were doing a dozen for 8 bucks but now ive upped it to 10, still hasn’t slowed down the sales that i can see but its only been a few days.