My 12" Fatboy

I am going to run a special on our new thick crust pizza. I am offering in 12" only and I am thinking of calling it the “Fatboy”…What do you guys think? I was thinking of an ad for it…something funny…like “You haven’t lived until you’ve had my 12” Fatboy in your mouth"…Maybe a little too explicit sounding? Give me some ideas…Thanks.


“We promise our 12” Fatboy won’t leave you unsatisfied"

“Our 12” Fatboy will leave you screaming for more!"

It depends on your market. I really like it, but I am in a small community and it wouldn’t go over very well. If you are on a college campus it wouldn’t be an issue.

Topper’s Pizza has some of the best ads and website. This sounds like something they would do.


I like the “We promise our 12” Fatboy won’t leave you unsatisfied", still risque without being too in your face with it.

We did a note for Toppers that said “Mastication has never been so much fun”. It definitely made you think twice.

I don’t really get why people try to do this entendre stuff with food.

a. it will bother half the people who hear it.
b. no dude wants to put anything in his mouth that has been the least bit related to a male body part

Like the above poster said, if you’re not in a college town i’d avoid it at all cost.

I was going to have our byline be “Master Bakers” but it sounded a little off.

I thought about that. Thinking of dropping that idea. Maybe…“The 12” Fatboy…It’s a mouthful!"

When I read “Fatboy” it made me think sub. Maybe because of the poorboy sandwich??? I don’t know, but it just doesn’t conjure up an image of pizza to me.

i just dont know

I, too, imagined a 12" cylindrical thick hard sandwich.

IMHO I find the words “fat boy” to be a bit offensive. And I usually have a pretty good sense of humor.
Maybe I’m a perv. Pizza is not the first thing that pops into my head when I hear “fat boy”. I would have a problem calling you and ordeing a “fat boy” for my kids. Also, your larger customers might take offense. And why would you want to offend anyone? Will they protest outside your place? No. Will it get attention? Yes What kind of attention? Hmmmm… I think you can come up with something better. :?

wonder if you could get ron jeremy to endorse it??? he was just up here in alaska pressing palms endorsing a “adult store” so he does stuff like that. and if your in a college town and can get ron jeremy to endorse it you will need to double your crew and buy another set of ovens:)


People might worry about hair in their food.

Is he still around?? I thought he was dead!!???

Nope, he takes a lickin and keeps tickin.

I think its cute but wrong. The Five Dollar Footlong seems to be taking the market in this sort of economy. Why not soften it up a bit and describe it in a manner that will attract and sell to your market?


when I was in college the pizzeria I work for had an italian sausage hoagie
first year he marketed you will love the way my sausage taste.
it tanked so when I came back my sophmore year (san diego state) we talked and I told him that he should change it to “the girls love our sausage” he had A little t shirt press in the back room so he let me give it a shot. So I did about 50 shirts for my Fraturnity putting that on the front and the store logo on the back.
in one month he SOLD over 500 of the t shirts around campus, and the italian sausage is now one of his better sellers
it really is how you position yourself and I really dont want to think about or order a fatboy…

Rockstar the great thing about the way you did it, was that you were able to “target” and did not get too far outside your market…

I’ve been thinking about a risque slogan aimed towards the college students here that would help with a little issue we have here.

My “large” pizza is 16", but every competitor in town uses a 14" for their large and calls a 16" an extra large, so I lose a lot of sales because they’re just looking at the price of a “large pizza”, not how much they’re getting. I’ve been thinking about marketing on campus with the slogan “What could you do with a couple extra inches?”.

I’m still not sold on it yet, but I certainly would only use it on that customer base.

I just visited Rockstar’s site…yikes, jumped out of my chair, lol…great song. A LOT of class while keeping it modern, LOVED IT!