my 5 cents

maybe all of you have thought of this already but my wife had a great idea. i was trying to think of a way to get our pizzeria’s phone number into people’s cars. my wife said, “airfresheners”. Brilliant. as cellphones keep becoming a perceived necessity my phone number could be dangling right in front of mom on her way home trying to figure out what to do for dinner tonight. will she go home, look up the phone number to my competitors, call in and go back out to pick up the pizza or call the number right in front of her from her cell phone and pick up on the way home? for about 5 cents per air freshener i think its an excellent idea.
PS-people leave those air fresheners in the car until they sell the car usually.
My expansion of that idea is- can anybody think of a pleasant smell for the airfreshener that may subliminally make people think of pizza?obviously people don’t want their car smelling like pizza all the time. Any ideas on what else to use? (yes i know i’m overthinking the idea but big businesses use these tactics)

i would think your $$ could be better spent elsewhere

Vanilla is always a favorite.

If you can get them for $.05 each I think that is an incredible idea.I mean absolutely brillant!!! Please pm me and let me know or type it here on where to get them.I would try and get them in different fragrences and offer them to customers at grocery stores,walmarts etc or larger stores in your area.Also every customer that comes in gets one.$25 gets you 500 of them and people will have them in the cars for a loooong time.I personally like the berry and cinnamon ones along w/ the vanilla.

Sounds like a good idea to me, especially for the price.

I think this is a really cool idea. Not only because of people having your phone number ready, but because your name and logo will be visible the entire time they’re driving.

I’ll have to 3rd the vanilla scent. That’s what I would prefer!
the custom made ones with logo and all are around 45 cents each if you buy like 2000 plus of course they have a set up charge and charge for additional colors. I still think its worth it. its not that expensive especially if you compare it to advertisements that get thrown away quickly. i also found magnets that have a thermomometer strip on them. i thought that was a good idea too. a lot of people look at their thermometer every morning while they get there coffee. or how about, “its 90 degrees in here, i’m not cooking dinner, let’s just order pizza” . or how about this one- people hate looking up your phone number and they might not have your frig magnet. You can get custom phone book covers with logo and phone number. why open the book to look up your competitors number. I thought of a way to split the costs renting out part of the cover to other businesses. Like pizza, video stores, liquor stores, any company that is not competition.

Even at 45 cents it does not sound too bad, I think it is very smart to have your name and number right there 24/7. Great idea! We are more than willing to plunk out the money for refer magnets that have to share space with other companies magnets, but nobody does air fresheners that I have heard of! That is some prime real estate to have all to yourself!

you can find out where your car dealer or mechanic is getting his windsheild stickers for your next oil change and just print your own name on the window sticker and your customers will have it in their car all the time.if for some reason where you live they dont do this it is a clear self sticking plastic sticker and goes on the upper left corner of the winsheild there about 2"x3". or they are like the holiday window stickers you put in yur windows on the inside and just peel of when the holiday is over.i think they cost not positve .10 each.