My Christmas Card image

I had a new image drawn for this years Christmas cards. I’ve had great success with sending Christmas cards to my customer database the last two years so I figured it was worth having a new image drawn up. I’ll be mailing almost 4000 of these each from both stores with a $10 gift card.


What’s the envelope look like that you are mailing them in?

Wow, very nice approach. I love it.


I like it also! Cute! Dang…a $40K Christmas gift… I want to get on your good list!!! But I know… I have been naughty! :frowning:

Years ago I was involved with a steakhouse chain that sold 5.00 gift certificates and a steak knife in a nice gift box for 5.00…The average spend per certificate redeemed was 22.00 and about 40% of the redemption were from folks who had never been in the restaurant before…

Most of the 10.00 certificates will be redeemed in Jan and Feb and with purchases well in excess of 10.00…This will turn out to be a good promotion for Paul…

Exactly! Brilliant. The return should be pretty damn good.


Don’t get me wrong…I was not against the gift cards going out. They should pay for themselves quickly. I just wanted to get on the good list! :smiley:

What kind of a responce do you get from this? Have you tried a postcard with a coupon & no envelope?

Christmas cards started hitting the mailboxes on Monday and it’s been a great response so far. I wanted to have them start hitting right after Thanksgiving and break it into three mailings but it didn’t happen that way. Almost all the students are gone for Christmas break so I’ll get a whole lot redeemed when the spring semester starts. So far I am averaging over 100 redemptions per day from my store that is on the side of town that is a mix of students and families and 80 per day at the campus store. Both stores have gotten many calls just to thank us for the gift and one women even brought us fresh baked cookies. Someone else sent a Christmas card to say thanks. So far I’m thrilled with the results of this promotion.

I did a card very similar to Paul’s last year and had a great response. This Christmas I mailed out scratch off cards where every card won something(80% free medium 1-topping, 10% free buffet, 10% free cheesey bread), no purchase required. The scratch off cards included coupons on the bottom and have worked fantastic, last count over 200 returned with only 1200 mailed out and 50% plus have used a coupon for additional purchases.
I often steal/borrow Paul’s ideas. I can not think Paul enough for his input, his ideas have really helped my business. May everyone have a great Christmas and prosperous new year.