My Daughters Engagement!

I just wanted to spread the great news that my daughter got proposed too today. Now the details… it was during my 2nd trip with the pre-k and kindergarten classes to the local ice arena and Jax…a sweet little 6 year old told my almost 5 year old how nice she was and that he wanted to marry her! :!: She said sure but thought they should wait until they were at least ten. :roll: So everyone keep their calenders open for a Spring 2017 wedding. Until then… I have started drinking heavily and plan on going strong until at least Spring 2017!!! :!: Instead of wedding gifts… which I suppose would be a lot of frozen take & bake pizza’s :wink: … I am currently registered at the local liquor shop! Please give kindly as I thought I had at least 10-15 years to wait until the first engagement! :shock:

See, this is my theory why the Good Lord gave me three strapping young sons instead of a little girl. He knew far better than I, my heart just couldn’t stand seeing her grow up!

I feel for you!!!

Mike, I think the guy might have had his eye on a cuddly little thing from Oz … not to say your duaghter wouldn’t attract young men, but kangaroos are highly sought after otside of Oz :lol:

Where to start… DAVE! No Roos at the rink…although she brings it out often and tell the story of you to many. Thanks again my friend. Now…Deacon… being Sunday I will bite my tongue for the Lords sake. As I understand your words… I must argue the “SEEING HER GROW UP” comment. If almost 5 is grown up then I really missed the bus on this one! :shock: Now don’t get me wrong…little Jax is a nice boy… but to share the entire story behind this all…it is actually a sad one. My daughters school does a lot of field trips and since Jax’s mother is a teacher elsewhere… he rides with us often as the parents carpool. The sad part his parents just went through a divorce and I think he is a lot more confused and hurt than they realize. Some of his comments and stories lead me to believe the separation was for the best in the long run but hard for a 6 year old to understand. I had a lengthly conversation to offer any support I could to his mother… offered play dates for the kids…they love skating and going to the pools. Anything to help isolate them from what problems his parents are having. His father, whom I meet picking him up on Friday was quite the piece of work. I know there are always multiple sides to all stories…yours, mine,and then the truth…but he left a bad impression. I will do what I can too help but for now… I have to say no to the marriage unless we have set a date in 2032 or so! :!:

With counselling included :?