My Dinner Tonight!

I have now gone from two pizza places in town that I will eat at too one! I ordered a deep dish pizza tonight from what was the second best place in town and WOW is all I can say about the crap I got. I am usually a thin crust eater but about once a month I get a deep dish pie. It is always the same… a 14" with gound beef, easy cheese, and a little extra sauce on top. Well, when I got home and opened the box… the pie looked great as always. Then I cut out the first slice and realized that there was a 2" layer of sauce on top. I wish I was making this up. No less than 2"! I took a spoon and removed the layer too see what I could salvage from the pie. When it was said and done… I took a measuring cup too see how much sauce I had removed. SIX CUPS! I also left a good layer on the pizza. I would say this pizza had 7-8 cups of sauce on it. Just curious… how long would anyone last with that kind of profit lost per pie. Oh, I should also add that the usual 8oz of ground beef was probably closer to 24oz or so. I called and talked to the manager just to explain how the pizza was made so poorly and was told most people like it when we “go heavy” on toppings…what’s my complaint. I guess I would like to eat a pizza made well and cooked properly. Not just an overloaded crust that didn’t cook through and was a waste of money. Ok I have vented! :!:

I bet the manager doesn’t have his wages attached to any food percentage. If my manager sent out a pizza like that, I would want to know. Maybe it’s time to open another shop close to your house???


I have a customer that actually orders a pizza with 3X normal sauce. :shock: It looks like soup when you cut it and the cheese doesn’t melt well because there is such a huge heat sink there in that pool of sauce. We push it back inthe converyor until the crust starts getting too dark. It looks like a total mess, but he loves it and orders 2 of them at least once a week. He says he puts them in the fridge and eats them cold after the sauce sets up a little. Evidently he really likes our sauce. :smiley:


When I cut the first piece out the sauce from the rest of the pizza was like a lava flow just running down from the others. The only reason I ask for a little extra sauce is normally they are put about half what they should put on the pizza to start with. WOW…did I get the new guy maybe? :shock:

Or a smart a$$ who said to himself “I’ll give him extra sauce”