My dumb question of the day...

We’re getting closer to having our lease banged out and I’m starting to fill my head with other logistic thoughts, like…we’re planning a deep-dish style offering as well. If anyone is doing one, could you share how you’re serving them? I’ve had them served in the pan, I’ve had them served out on a plate. One major “hmmm?” is what do we do different for our carry-out orders? Are you baking in a disposable like a frozen Malnati would be, or do you remove them onto a circle and use a deeper box?

So many little things to “worry” about!!

What I do is I just use a nice box that is deep enough with a cardbord circle in the bottom to make sure it doesnt saturate the box. Make sure to buy the plastic little tables to put on top of the pizza to make sure the top doesnt make contact with the top of the pizza though. Best way that I have found. Good luck