My First $1000.00 Day

Hi everyone I just wanted to thank everyone for there help, you guys give great ideas and they helped me get to my first $1000.00 day since I opened last Sept. 5 th. It took 326 days but thanks to all of your great ideas I finally did it. Looking forward to my first $2000.00 day. Special thanks to J-rokk DOOR HANGING REALLY WORKS. :lol:

Congrats Tony !!! Keep up the great work !

Sales= :smiley:

Nice one Tony. The first $1,000 is he hardest. The next one gets easier, and so on.

Looking forward to your $1500 post.


Congrats Tony, many more to come!!!


[size=5]YOU ARE ROCKIN’![/size]

So glad to hear someone is climbing the ladder of success. Sure, some places are having $1000 hours, but folks like us take pride in the steps we can take. Keep it up, and that $1500 night shouldn’t be too far behind.


Good job brotha. I’m proud of you. My only suggestion is to not be satisfied with your result (as hard as that may be) and keep pounding away. Challenge yourself each and every day. I know it’s monotonous and tough, but you’ll be patting yourself on the back all the way to the bank in less than 6 months.


You ripped him off :shock: Where’s his traditional, bold, large type-face “You Da Man”? Is he somehow less than the others who have achieved? Are you simply worn out from such long hours burning pizzas at two places? J, baby, we are wondering if you’ve lost your mojo.

LOL Nick. Sorry, I’m burning the candle at both ends right now. But you’re right, so Tony:





[b]W/t/g Tony,Its a great feeling ay? J rocc is right though now its really time to start pounding the chit out of it.You now have a decent customer base to work with,when I say this I mean you have $$ to use to make MORE$$ with.Start sending mail outs and re-do the whole door hanging process this will only soar you to your next lay of the ladder. Congrats bro I’m sure you deserve it!

                             Niccademo      [keep your dough off da cieling][/b]

oooooo CONGRATS!! I cant wait for my first!! HOW EXCITING!!